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{October 22, 2010}   Thoughts about Max’s Restaurant

Max’s of Manila to me was a rest stop on our way to visit family after a 20+hour flight into Manila from the New York City area. It served Filipino dishes, but it is most known in the Philippines for its fried chicken recipe.  It is sometimes playfully called “The House that Chicken Built.”

Because California and Hawaii have much larger Filipino populations compared to New York, Max’s followed its clientele to open up stores throughout the two states.  As a Filipino-American living in New York City, I always felt that when it came to serving our community in the east coast, we were always getting the short end of the stick.   ABS-CBN, Jollibee, and Max’s are examples of those establishments that catered mainly to California Filipinos, while here in New York, we were years behind, but luckily, locally owned Filipino businesses catered to our needs.

Well, Max’s is now open in Jersey City!  After much anticipation, I finally had the luxury of attending last night for dinner.  It was all that I had expected, and was happy to see that the locals were flocking to check it out.  I ordered their pancit canton, which was delicious, and along with it, I had a San Miguel and a halo-halo for desert.  Very typical Fil-Am–yes, it was!  The restaurant is currently in its soft-opening phase, but they are ready and able to serve their full menu.  The portions are of family size, and therefore, I could not eat my entire plate of pancit, so I ended up taking it home that night.  I do highly recommend you go.  This is a must-visit venue if you are ever in the Philippines, but for now, you don’t need to go there if you want to sample dishes that are a part of the Filipino way of life.

I do caution however for you to wait a few more weeks before going.  The soft-opening period is also a time for them to make the necessary adjustments so that they can run a more efficient establishment.

Max’s of Manila is located at 687 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

(201) 798-2700


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